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Crude Responses: Oil and Brexit. Unlike a lot of financial headlines at the moment, this serious threat to the provision of global energy looks as though it could have an enduring impact upon global FX. For decades, the relationship between the value of the US Dollar and the price of oil has been inverted: the higher the cost of energy usually denominated in USD for additional statistical complication the weaker the US Dollar would likely be.

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A move in the price of a Dollar de facto changes the analysis of the relative value of a barrel of oil versus a unit of currency and vice versa. However, take my word for it, the relationship is one of the tried and tested gospels of the foreign exchange market. In recent years it has become widely recognised that the United States is largely energy sufficient and within certain studies is even proven to be a net exporter of oil.

West Texas Intermediate, a widely adopted bench mark, represents oil largely which consists of that extracted from the Permian Basin in North America. However, the invention and liberalisation of alternative energies exploration including fracking and shale production have changed the scene. Yesterday, as stated above, the Dollar appreciated by around one quarter of one percent 25 basis points across the board.

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If the 5. On the other side of the energy crisis, those economies highly dependent upon oil and energy importation have had their currencies severely weakened by the forces within the global foreign exchange market. Turkey and India are particularly vulnerable to energy prices with almost total exposure to foreign energy resources. With worryingly high structural current account deficits, the worsening terms of trade the relative cost of economic activity and production at home versus abroad , both currencies suffered yesterday.

The other crude response came in the form of Brexit. The value of the Pound fell once again to close 0. A lack of progress and workable solutions to the Irish backstop continue to hamper the Pound. This positioning leaves the door open for a sharp correction to the undervaluation of the Pound but is also a perfect indicator for the uncertainty and fragility within the UK economy.

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How much?! Before you send money flying over to take advantage of this interest, remember: with great power comes great responsibility!

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Mastermind rules:. The great power behind savings and yield accumulation in South Africa has a corollary: an overwhelming responsibility to repay debt with interest including interest upon interest ad infinitum appropriate to the borrowing rate in the economy. As is often the case in developing markets, the latter responsibility is not upheld, creating a lack of demand for the former deposit side resulting in a shallow and unbalanced domestic debt market. The money borrowed amounts to a collective billion Rand across 7.

Allowances for these unsecured loans were increased in to boost domestic activity in a time of global turndown. However, particularly in light of the issues with domestic unsecured debt making headlines this morning, South Africa does stand at a precipice with the potential for financial turmoil and, unsurprisingly, currency turmoil. The market knows it already.

Credit default swaps as mentioned in this briefing before and by Margot Robbie in a bathtub are a way of pricing the risk of a financial instrument and helpfully allow us to rank the market-perceived credit worthiness of each nation. In South Africa the insurance against default on sovereign debt over a five year time horizon is twice as expensive as it is regarding Brazilian sovereign debt, a nation which is rated as Junk already two whole steps behind South Africa. The market is screaming warning signs and it is inhibiting the Rand.

Markets are pricing in rate cuts and anticipate the reintroduction of Outright Monetary Transaction spending plans and strong forward guidance. The event should mark a period of heightened volatility and, as ever, bargains will be on offer when markets function more erratically.

The salience of this decision has been heightened even further by a dispute yesterday from Dutch authorities over the nature of tiered interest rates. In fact deploying the full arsenal of a tweet might be too crass for the reserved and presidential billionaire. Introducing: Volfefe. As one of the more iconic and less market shaking tweets since he took office, the made up word now forms the basis of a new J. Morgan Instrument to measure and track the volatility in fixed income markets in reaction to DJTrump.

A shaky day in British Politics led to a sharp 1. At market open, the reaction to persistent GBP strength last week saw the value of the Pound track unconvincingly downwards as Europe settled following the weekend. The heated meeting comprised of exchanges over the possibility of direct rule by the UK government and Parliament over Northern Ireland.

A leaked memo increased tensions regarding the Norther Irish Border problem because it suggested political immobility in Northern Ireland would mean Britain would have to take back control of devolved powers. With the bill aimed at preventing a no-deal exit having gained royal ascent yesterday afternoon, Sterling rose higher.

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The UK Parliament is now officially suspended until October 14th, three days ahead of a pivotal EU summit and less than three weeks from the date that Number 10 still claims will be the do or die Brexit day. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall. Headlines in newspapers and on television screens have been captured by two phenomena in recent weeks. Related Posts:.

A hacker group who stole a virtual currency etheral with a total value of more than 2. Clearly that Ransomware "Wanna Cry" infected with over , people got about 3 million yen as ransom. Malware targeting Mac users is on the dark web. Why do security experts claim that password complexity is not so important? The virtual currency's affair is stolen by million yen, the fourth damage in July.

CK 1 Four hundred million people speak English as their first language.

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CK 1 Tom anonymously donated a million dollars to his favorite charity. CK 1 Tom put together one million dollars in unmarked, used bills as the kidnappers had told him to do. CK 1 I feel like a million bucks. NekoKanjya I've seen it a million times. CK Millions of men lost their jobs. CK For the millionth time, I'm sorry. CK Millions of people lost their jobs. CM You are our one millionth customer. CK He earns half a million yen a month.

Eldad You don't need millions to be happy. CM The loss amounts to a million dollars. CK Three million people were out of work.