A Bible Study of Revelation Chapter 21--Book 3

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Way of Grace Church: Buckeye, AZ > The God of New Beginnings (Revelation )

Saint of the Day St. Daily Readings - October Catherine of Bologna. God and the Angels 1st Grade. Information Learn about Catholic world. Heb Re Jn Is Le Le Re 1 Co Is Is Is Re Re Re Re Re Re Re 1 Ti Re Re Re Jn Jn Lk Re Re Re Re Eze Ps Eze Re Re Ps Eze Eze Mt Php Eze — Heb 1 Co Mt Eph There will not be mourning or crying. Notice that there will not be crying any longer. The tears that God is wiping are those tears shed during this present heaven and earth. In the new heaven and earth God will comfort his people. There will be no more death, no more mourning, and no more crying.

Grief and pain will exist no longer because all of these things have passed away.

Christ has been victorious. He has conquered all powers and authorities. Now the people of God are able to rest. Verse 5 is the language of prophetic certainty. The rest of verse 5 continues this encouraging message. Christ is reigning on the throne. We are looking forward to this promise, guaranteed by God, that we will receive the eternal blessings and rewards for being faithful to him through grief, crying, pain, suffering, and death.

He also describes himself as the beginning and end. Jesus began the book of Revelation calling himself the Alpha and Omega in Revelation Jesus is the first and the last of all things.

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This title provides assurance that he will give the promised blessings to his redeemed people. The promise is to give to the thirsty from the spring of living water as a gift.

Jesus said these words while on the earth. John —39 ESV.


The imagery comes from Isaiah Now salvation and grace are fully received from Christ as the books are opened and the righteous are rewarded for their trust and faithfulness. The victorious will inherit these blessings and inheritance Revelation The inheritance is theirs. By contrast, the second death awaits those who renounce their faith, who are unbelievers, or who engage in the sins of the world. Those who are cowards likely refers to Christians who refused to serve Jesus even to the death. They loved their lives more than they loved the Lord.

They feared the persecution and did not maintain their faith.

These along with the sinful of the world will all be thrown into the lake that burns with fire and sulfur. They will experience eternal separation from God. The faithful are longing for a home with the Lord. The faithful hold on to these promises and will not give them up for anything. The reward to come is worth the sacrifices and the suffering of today.

REVELATION – Verse by Verse – Chapter 21:1-27 – New Jerusalem

Be faithful unto death, and I will give you the crown of life. He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches.