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If you didn't smell like Love's Baby Soft when you were a tween, chances are you smelled like this. Oh look, more heat tool innovation! Honestly, the longer we look at this picture, the more it starts to seem like a good idea again Although Obsession is still made today , its original commercial — which was widely mocked for being ostentatiously weird — has forever linked it to the '80s in so many people's minds. Sea Breeze commercials wanted to convince you that using their toner felt like a breath of fresh air, when, in fact, it really felt more like the harsh sting of an alcohol-loaded astringent that it was.

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Close your eyes. You can totally smell it right now, can't you? Were you even conscious in the '80s if you didn't lose at least one of your "active length" Lee Press-On Nails in gym class? View Results.

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Blog Sponsors Contact Us. Nice to meet you! With your time spent living in California, you have surely mastered the signature California girl style that we are absolutely loving for summer.

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How would you go about achieving that look? Specifically, what tools and hair products would you recommend?

Janette: I love this look. I would start by using John Frieda Sheer Blonde Go Blonder Controlled Lightening Spray … this spray will give you that natural sun-kissed blonde look… and it is a very healthy approach, I use it! This helps give you a sun kissed blonde look that is very natural.

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  7. But one thing to remember: Your stylist may be tipping the assistant out at the end of the day or week, so you can add that to your overall tip, asking that they share it. Or just tip the assistant separately: "There are a good amount of people who also tip a couple of dollars to the assistants, which is always nice and really appreciated," says Sierra Bowling, a longtime salon receptionist.

    Many salons offer free fringe touch-ups, but still, you may want to reward your stylist for her efforts — in that case, pass on a couple dollars.

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    Paid for a proper trim? Got a friend who's a talented stylist? Consider yourself lucky, but don't forget that this is how they make their living.

    SoCal beauty tips from the lovely Janette Ewen | Chronicles of a Beauty Nerd

    If you were clear with your stylist about what you wanted and communicated to them that you weren't happy after your hair was done, but your stylist refused to alter your hair to your liking, then a smaller tip is merited. But if you didn't tell your stylist that you disliked like your hair nor gave them a chance to fix it, then deducting from their tip doesn't make much sense.

    Feel too awkward to say anything? Check out these stylist-approved tips for communicating your feelings in a respectful way.