Being Well: An Empowering Guide to Natural Health

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Whether reversing disease, losing weight, or preventing illness, detoxifying is a positive health choice. Periodic cleanses, fasting, saunas, and diets all help to clean your filters to purge the garbage for better health and longevity. Oral health is often overlooked by medical professionals, not given the same status when it comes to education, diagnosis, or insurance. But Holistic Dentists recognize that it reflects the state of health of the whole body and view oral health as the missing link which can be used to help diagnose, prevent and remedy certain systemic problems.

Raising awareness and educating about natural health is our top priority, so we have partnered with key organizations that share our values to build toward that mission. Click below to learn more about the added knowledge our partners can share with you. She uses Tarot readings and other complementary spiritual self-care tools such as crystals, chakra We are speaking with Tina Clements, mom of a special needs child who We built this site to provide you with a simple-to-use, comprehensive, informational, and functional resource so that you can find effective and less invasive options for your physical, emotional, and spiritual health and well-being.

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Holistic Health Overview. Learn More. Modality Grid. Search Modalities. Healthy Living Directory. Search Our Directory. Holistic Marketing Platform. Get Listed Now. Holistic Health - A Whole Body Perspective There are many philosophies throughout the world that exist as it relates to health.

Bring Holistic Care Into Your Life Utilize this site to learn more about the various ways you can better take care of your health and also to find practitioners, service providers, and products that could meet your health needs. Here you can learn about: Holistic health philosophy History of medicine Connectedness of the body Health impact areas.

Holistic Health - A Whole Body Perspective

Learn About Holistic Health. Access our resources to: Learn about Modalities Search by benefits Discover new health options Find specialized practitioners. Search the Directory.

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Learn About Health Impact Areas There are many ways in which your health could be affected, for better or for worse. You are what you eat. Energize your life. Detoxify for Robust Health. More About Detoxification.

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The Dental Connection to Health. Regardless of macro-nutrient ratios and fancy prescriptions, your baseline quality of health is most largely determined by the quality of the foods that you eat. Even encouraged if for instance, you are in need of a detox, then following a low animal protein diet for a time is beneficial. However, never loose sight of what is fundamentally important and that will always be food quality.

Therefore, the diet-related action sheet will provide you with resources for learning about food quality and how to ensure that you are shopping for the best produce as opposed to products , as well as guide you to some of the best curated books that cut through all the clutter and take you back to the basics of what actually works.

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Our society has become hyper focused on productivity. And burn out we do. We get sick, tired, lose enthusiasm, or fall apart in a hundred different ways. Most of us lack the awareness to link these crises to our one-sided way of living. Sometimes we mistakenly think we are maintaining when in fact, we are just compensating and slowly wearing down and weakening over time. Now, this is important. All too often, we get so caught up in the healing process — learning to perfect our diet, exercise, meditations practices, etc. This goes back to your source, your dream. But it must be stated here, that FUN and joy should be a central component of any healing or sustainable self-improvement endeavor.

Lack of fun is the number one reason why people fail to uphold regular exercise routines. Or any routines for that matter. In addition to its purely practical function that fun makes everything else more sustainable, there are some important biochemical elements linked in with enjoyment which serve to not only create a positive association between self-care and happiness, but also have powerful immune boosting properties. Just as cortisol and adrenalin from prolonged stress can suppress immune function, oxytocin and dopamine from pleasure can trigger immune boosting activity simply by experiencing more enjoyment on a regular basis.

This module will provide you with some highly practical tips for incorporating more fun into your everyday life. Your environment is one factor that plays a critical role in your health for several reasons. On the macroscopic level where your environment refers to your location and surroundings, it should make sense by this point that you would benefit from being in an environment to which you are best suited e. The place that will bring you the most harmony is the place that is most aligned with your inner sense of self.

Now, whether you are in this place or not, there is plenty that can be done to improve your personal space.

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In the immediate sense of environment, is your home. Once more, some may do best in a modern stark style while others are energized by seeing lots of furnishings, and items such as collectibles. Wherein the former, the core operating belief is one from which there is no need to rush, to stockpile, or otherwise protect resources, and those with the latter felt a fundamental need to guard their resources: time, money, sense of personal identity and so on.

The Abundance module will provide you with the basic principles of abundance, as well as tips and resources for more consciously creating or choosing an abundance mindset over a scarcity mindset. From energy levels, to outlook, to finances, the positive regulation of this set-point can facilitate profound shifts in health and overall wellbeing.

The Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion

Just as no cell in the human body functions in isolation, we as individuals function as a part of a greater collective family, community, society and planet. If we put up barricades between our inner selves and outer selves; ourselves and our work or role in something beyond us; and ourselves and others, then we disrupt the natural flow of energy and information that should be in a state of fluid exchange in order for health to persist and improve.

This module will provide you with guidelines for maintaining healthy relationships and direct you to some of the best resources for taking action to improve this area of your life. This includes aspects such as your relationship to nature, to your surroundings, and your overall sense of connectedness in this universe. But even the most rational thinkers, philosophers such as Descartes and Aristotle were always trying to determine what the fundamental elements were that unite all things.

Every world religion and spiritual tradition faces this existential question head on when pondering what happens after death? And therefore we cannot think of ourselves as separate from our surroundings. Let us show you how to embrace and incorporate all the tools that are available to develop a flexible mind and ultimately reclaim health, vitality and purpose. Still not sure? Take our Holistic Lifestyle Assessment HLA and see what your health score is, and how improvements in specific areas of your life can improve your health and well-being. A step-by-step, comprehensive plan that takes you through the necessary actions to super-charge your healing experience.

Tailored to you, this plan will serve as a blueprint to reclaiming your natural healthy state. These include all lessons, additional meditations, expert interviews and more. Each email will correspond with a particular component of the program that ensures you get the most out of every healing action. This course was designed on the research, discoveries, and clinical knowledge of many top minds. Become involved on our private Facebook group to share resources, seek support, and connect with others looking to reclaim abundant and sustainable health of body, mind and spirit.

Learn the secrets of successful patients, top integrative physicians, and experts in wellness, and apply them to your specific needs. Take a step towards vitality, prosperity, and empowerment — become an Empowered Healer. No spam, ever. Your privacy is important - emails are never shared. It's time to start healing!