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This is honestly the most important intervention into mainstream, predominantly white and middle class social movements — of which I count myself a part of and perpetuator of for many years — that I have ever read. Take it, grab it with both hands and read it. Radhika Desai says Capital by Karl Marx is still an essential read on the th anniversary of its publication. Facebook Twitter RSS feed.

The upper and lower classes should unite against the middle

Likewise, you've provided no source for the bizarre claim that "Terminology often has a significantly different meaning when applied to a cultural stereotype than in its original coinage". Also lacking is any evidence that the meaning of the word "bling" is somehow different in this context. The paragraph you added does not clarify a single supposed ambiguity, and neither it nor your comments here provide a single shred of evidence to support the claim that "certain terms may have notably different meanings to those [ readers ] are familiar with".

Telling the reader to "take care", and issuing a fanciful "caveat" do not constitute "giving proper context"; they do, however, in the passage you added, constitute a violation of all three core Wikipedia precepts: Wikipedia:NPOV , Wikipedia:Verifiability and Wikipedia:No original research. Accuracy is easy to demonstrate by citing sources , something you've neglected to do both in the passage you added and in your comments here.

Debating the word 'chav' is irrelevant to the working-class experience

Here are articles that counsel against inaccuracy: Wikipedia:Cite sources , Wikipedia:Verifiability and Wikipedia:No original research. No, it's a demonstration of the inaccuracy of the British Isles terminology analogy. We disambiguate in the articles themselves, not in the articles that reference them. Incidentally, you do realise that reductio ad absurdum is one of the cornerstones of deductive reasoning rather than a logical fallacy? The dictionary citations show that your editorial spree is bogus as well as unencyclopedic. If you have any evidence that the stereotype section includes terms whose meanings are somehow warped out of all recognition by their association with the stereotype, then, once again, please provide it.

Certainly "tastelessly modified car" and "bling" don't fit into that category. As already mentioned, the article is comparable in length to its sister articles, a better indication of its natural size than the girth it attained in its earlier incarnation as a notorious POV and inaccuracy attractor. At any rate, adding unsourced , POV original research solves neither problem. Oh this is all rediculous; is it really something worth arguing about and taking up many ks of talk page with?

I think that the article works fine with or without the 'caveat'; lets look at ways of improving content rather than arguing over a silly little point, and making accusations at each other? Robdurbar , 16 November UTC. I seem to remember the correct orgin of the word 'Chav' was from the town Chavton in England. Am I wrong? I think you are - not aware that that is a real place? It seams that there isnt a correct origin of the word chav; or at least, there isnt one that can be proved over any of the others. The two that appear the most popular with 'official sources' are the Romani one and the Cheltenham Ladies' College explanation.

Robdurbar , 24 November UTC. Looking into sources for Ali G furhter, the only possibly verifable one is this: [14]. This incldues the line 'what differs Ali G from the modern chav'; suggesting perhaps that he could be labelled as a chav, but predates the 'movement' in some way.

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Though I agree with MCB that the majority of what constitutes chavism and chavs is dictated by waht goes in the web forums and in people's interpretations, this does not make it any more appropriate to quote from these in Wikipedia; where they exist And there are some if you search , 'reputable' publications should always be used.

Chocolateboy, for what its worth, it would be much better if you argued your point more clearly rather than throwing policy pages at people Robdurbar , 5 December UTC.

Chav cartoon 1 of 114

Sorry, you misunderstand; I meant that there was only one possibly reliable source available for the Ali G comment; I agree in fact said as much that for the article in general there are plenty; plus I think the article does say that he is a chav but in a different way. I do agree that including him in the article is wrong, by the way, as it casuses confusion with the whole wigga thing, which appears to be more common than I realised Robdurbar , 5 December UTC. I'm going to step back from this a bit and see if we can come to a satisfactory resolution. It is clear to me that Ali G must be covered somehow in this article, perhaps in a manner that acknowledges wide public opinion while including a more robust analysis, e.

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The problem here is that to a vast number of people, Ali G is not merely a chav, but is the canonical chav. And since the character pre-dates the term, part of the popular definition of "chav" is "person that resembles style, language, etc. Ali G". That is a difficult thing to handle. One of the things I found annoying in Chocolateboy's edits was reference to the Ali G material as an "anachronism".

That's simply inapposite. Sacha Baron Cohen created a character that satirized a particular stereotype of class, language, clothing, etc. Simply because that stereotype later became referred to as a "chav" does not make it incorrect to report the label. I've written the info about steretype's from opinions admittedly, so it isn't neccesarily pure fact, I believe them to be more misunderstood. Medscin , 6 December UTC. If that's the rude response one can expect after a perfectly civil and conciliatory response, I sincerely hope you don't hold any senior position within the Wikipedia hierarchy.

I had already conceded that this article, which you apparently 'own', is about the contemporary understanding of the chav stereotype rather than wider examples of anti-social behaviour. Nor am I. Two days ago I put up a link that you considered to be spam, it is no longer there.

The fact that you insist on dredging this up in subsequent unrelated discussions suggests that you are bearing a grudge, so I have taken this to mediation. Actually, I've been 'here' since April , albeit infrequently. This is simply a new name as I was bored with the old one and this is the first 'edit war' I've ever been involved in.

Mockery and Morality in Popular Cultural Representations of the White, Working Class

It takes two to get involved in an edit war, hence my RfM. And I did not concede it was spam as it wasn't , merely that the case for putting up the link was weak. I'll await the mediators' response before commenting any further in this. Uncle G has proposed that the content from Kev be merged here. To be honest there's not really much content in 'Kev', just a vague bit of etymology about Kevin the Teenager , Harry Enfield 's character.

Weak Support since baisically we'd just be removing the Kev text and creating a redirect; don't think there's anything in there that would add to the current article Robdurbar , 14 December UTC. Bogus etymology. Take that away and it's virtually a redirect already. At a pinch, add to the list of synonyms and regional variations if a decent source can be found. Interesting that this term is viewed as a late 90s neologism. I can't provide OED standard written evidence, but can say that the term was in regular use locally in Leith, North Edinburgh, when we moved here in January We had lived in different parts of Scotland, and never heard the expression anywhere else.

It was in common use in the local secondary school, and in the primary school, to define, not without some pride, those youngsters who might, typically, belong to gangs, or otherwise define themselves as anti-authoritarian. Some enquiries produced the dubious tale that the term had been in use for many years, and was drawn from a mispronunciation of French prisoners of war, known as Travailleurs.

Colinbrown btinternet. I'm not very up on my British slang, but would the young males described in Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange meet the Chav definition? Certainly Kubrick's work came long before the actual word came into usage, but it's the only image of Chav that I can possibly imagine.

Er, no Don't imagine that. The "wigger" stereotype is associated with middle class white males attempting to enhance their credibility cf. The "chav" stereotype, in contrast, applies to black, white and mixed race men and women who are considered to be incorrigibly working class. And no , Alex and his droogs are not "chavs". A Clockwork Orange is a dystopian fantasy, not a census.