Discovering the Real God

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There is an explanation given in this series as to why some may seek God to resolve a particular problem and not find the answer they want immediately.

I hope those who are still waiting on the answer will find courage and determination in this section. If we evolved from animals, we must look down to the animals to understand our behavior. However, when we turn to the Bible, we discover that that is not the picture at all.

Discovering the Real God by Stephen Whitehead

Rather, we fell from God and the only way we can understand ourselves is to look up to God and see how far we have fallen. The harder you try to feel good about yourself, the more you are focused on self. The more you are focused on self—that, my friend, is idolatry. The more you focus on yourself, trying to feel good about yourself, actually the deeper you go into your problems.

The harder you try to gain well-being or wholeness on your own, the further you will go from it. But when you give up self-effort to gain this, then you are looking to God alone on His terms, then God will do what He promised to do. He will give you that sense of well-being.

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Only by pursuing a relationship with Christ, my Creator, will I find my identity, purpose and wholeness. Bad experiences will drive you either to the line of low self-esteem or the line of reality or normalcy.

Part 4: Discovering Real Freedom and the God Who Listens

The choice is yours. The wall you build around the heart to keep out future pain, locks in present and past problems. Toggle navigation. Discovering The Real You. These offices exist to foster Catholic identity, engage pastoral leadership, recognize and celebrate diversity, and promote evangelization and ecumenism.

The Diocese of Grand Rapids is committed to protecting children and adults from harm.

Discovering God

Our safe environment program aims to prevent sexual abuse within our community and to help heal the wounds of past victims. Pope Francis, on his pilgrimage, stops first and foremost in front of the sick: a wheelchair, a blind man, a sick baby, a child who cannot speak or showing innumerable symptoms of his physical limitations, and are they to whom he dedicates his embrace and his blessing, following without doubt the example of Jesus. Since each human being created by God deserves the life and respect of all, we have learned that their difference is not a curse but a blessing from God, and a divine tool for our spiritual perfection through the exercise of mercy and compassion towards different beings in our community.

They give the Church and society a valuable testimony of fidelity to the gift of life.

Seven encounters with Jesus from the Gospel of John

His presence invites us to face life in a different way. Thanks to them we can accept how to incorporate their disability into life as a quality. For example, the deaf recognizes his surroundings better, and from his silence he distinguishes what we do not perceive from our noise.

Why It's So Hard for Scientists to Believe in God - Francis Collins

On the other hand, a being with special needs struggles, although he must face his real limitations, or the obstacles in the face of the lack of adequate spaces to be able to circulate with his wheelchair. His joy of living in the face of shortcomings and his feeling of happiness when he can study, work or love, is a true gift from God.

Other virtues are his patience for the innumerable tasks that must be challenged; the group spirit, because they are in solidarity with others who suffer their same problems or limitations and the hope that moves them forward. Their participation is important and necessary in the process of evangelization, and we know that there are methods of evangelization for the development of special ministries. After the Sunday Mass in the parish of Saints Peter and Paul in Ionia, we spoke with Claudia Graziano, who gives us the testimony of learning what meant for her and her family the arrival of Esmeralda, who now is 17 years old, and since her birth, she has suffered severe disabilities.

She was born well, but a few minutes after she was born, things changed. At the hospital, in Lansing, the nurses asked me if the family had any religious inclination and we said yes, and they suggested that we baptize her as soon as possible because they did not guarantee that my daughter would live for a long time. I could not participate in her baptism because I had some complications, and they separated us.

After her baptism in Lansing, Esmeralda was transported to Ann Arbor, where she was fighting for her life for 27 days. It was in those moments that I understood the true value of my faith, and I asked God to give me a sign that my daughter would be fine.

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  • Claudia did not want to see her daughter suffering and being in that agony, so Claudia asked for her daughter to give her a sign of life, and so she opened one of her eyes and smiled. For Claudia, it was a very hopeful sign. I have also been fortunate to find that same support in my family who have been key in supporting us since the arrival of Esmeralda to the family.

    I can say that the Faith that my father and mother instilled in me has been key in facing with faith this new opportunity of life.

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    • Several temples were not conditioned to receive them and that made me feel that we could not go as a family to pray together because there were no access spaces for my daughter. I also thought about the elderly people who had problems climbing stairs, and I thought that they did not have that welcome either. Thank God my parish Saints Peter and Paul in Ionia has a side access ramp for people with special needs who need to enter the house of God. He asked me if I wanted her to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation, and last fall, Esmeralda was able to receive the sacrament of Confirmation with her brother Alan Eduardo and her cousin Antonio Velasco.