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In this holiday installment, Tallulah is thrilled to be cast in a real production of The Nutcracker. She may only be playing the part of the mouse, but Tallulah takes her role, and her preparation, very seriously.

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Ages Firebird , by Misty Copeland and Christopher Myers For every young ballerina who dares to dream, these are words from Misty Copeland herself, who in became the first African American female principal dancer with the prestigious American Ballet Theatre. The lyrical text feels as if Copeland is speaking directly to the reader, reminding aspiring dancers that she was once a beginner, and that with dreams, hard work, and practice, they too can be stars of the stage. Flora and the Flamingo , by Molly Idle This wordless picture book uses interactive flaps and page spreads to create a dance between an unlikely duo.

All classes will be concluded with an imaginative exercise where students will further develop their performance skills. This class meets once a week for 45 minutes.

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Unable to display Facebook posts. Show error. Providence School of Arts Academy of Dance offers students a well-rounded curriculum in dance. Young dancers will acquire a solid foundation as they learn body awareness, proper technique, artistry, musicality, and expression.

Program offerings include Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Modern, and more. Students will showcase their progress during parent watch weeks and at the annual Spring performance.

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Classes are taught by highly trained and qualified instructors. The program is directed by a former Kansas City Ballet dancer, school principal and master teacher, Marcus Oatis. Flex-schedules available! Preschool Ages Preparatory Ages The dormitories are particularly welcoming, with each girl's area individualised with toys, family photos and posters of favourite ballerinas. The boys' quarters are comfortably informal, too; former Royal Ballet star Sergei Polunin described his time at White Lodge as "like being in Harry Potter ". But the obstacles these children will face are formidable.

They will be subject to term-by-term appraisal and at the end of each year some will be "assessed out", or asked to leave. Perhaps they have failed to reach the expected technical standard, or their bodies have developed in ways that do not comply with the school's increasingly narrow physical ideal. Short-backed and long-legged, in the Russian mould, this is very different from the longer-backed "old" Royal Ballet look and there is a certain irony in the fact that many of the school's ex-company teachers, were they to present themselves today with the bodies they had as teenagers, might well not fit the mould.

Additionally, the British White Lodgers have to compete for their places with increasing numbers of students brought in from abroad, a process many find stressful and demoralising. For Claire Calvert, a talented young Royal Ballet dancer who went through White Lodge and the Upper School, it was "very difficult" when, each year, yet another cadre of overseas students arrived. Some of her friends were worn down by the ceaseless competition. There are girls who say: 'I just don't want to go on.

Of the 19 girls who joined White Lodge with Calvert, she was the only one to make it into the company. For one former teacher at the school, the system is fundamentally unfair.

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They prove their commitment by leaving their homes and their families, aged If I was a parent of a child who'd made that kind of sacrifice and then been assessed out, I'd be pretty unhappy. The "difficult" students, experienced teachers say, are often the most creative, and freedom from the fear of being assessed out would powerfully enhance that creativity. As Hackett says: "The approach, if someone's struggling, should not be 'we've got to get rid of this dancer,' but 'what can I do to make him better?

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Whatever its ethos, the place is Arcadian. In an airy studio shot through with shafts of spring sunlight, van Schoor is teaching the Year 11 girls. At the piano, a young man is playing Chopin. Not with the chugging rhythms of the day-in, day-out ballet accompanist, but beautifully and sadly, as if it matters to him. The girls, now 16, have acquired their working ballet bodies: pulled-up, long-muscled and racy.

Along with the Year 11 boys, they will soon face "final auditions" for the Upper School. Only about half will make it, and they know it. There is an undercurrent of acute, sublimated anxiety. And then watching them, shakes her head. And I've got news for you. The sale's over.

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The White Lodge candidates who make it into the Upper School will be joined by students from other UK ballet schools and from overseas. They will live in accommodation owned by the school — there are boys' flats and girls' flats — and will do their own shopping, cooking and laundry. As at White Lodge, part of the syllabus is given over to conventional academic studies.

Those who survive the three-year course can expect to graduate as professional dancers. Gailene Stock, director of the Royal Ballet School since , prides herself on the fact that for the past five years, all her graduate-year students have won contracts with international ballet companies. In one of the Upper School's spacious, purpose-built studios, a second-year girls' class is under way. The teacher is Anita Young, a former Royal Ballet soloist, and she is trying to get the girls, who are mostly 17 or 18, to think about expressiveness. The girls are formidably technically assured, but they look tense, watching Young with large, nervous eyes. When they take balances they tend to gravitate backwards, as if fearful of commitment to the position. You can't mend a broken back! In a mercilessly unforgiving milieu, their instincts are fine-tuned for survival.

Evie Ball, a smiling student from Liverpool who dreams of dancing the role of Manon with the Royal Ballet, went through White Lodge and now, at 19, is in her graduate year at the Upper School.