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In the U. The Chicago Manual of Style warns against using ellipsis at the beginning or ending of any quotations. However, some writers will place ellipses at the beginning or endings of quotations to indicate preceding or following text that has been omitted. This ensures that readers are aware of omissions and prevents using quotations out of context. Grammar and style resources will be a great help. So, are. Unprofessional usage. The important thing is to be consistent.

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What a great overview of all the uses for the ellipsis. I tend to use them a lot in my own writing, and this info really sheds some light on when the right time and place to do so is, so to speak.

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  • Using Punctuation Marks Like the Ellipsis;

Anyway, great article! Thanks, Vanna. My own rule is to use them as rarely as possible; that way, they have a greater impact when they do appear the same is true of exclamation marks. This is fantastic, Melissa. One of my pet peeves is how often some writers use ellipses at the end of the sentences, which as you point out, is an indicator of trailing off into silence. I notice it a lot in emails, which is what inspired this post.

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Punctuation has become rather subjective in the information age! Never ever thought that punctuation could be described as creatively, till I read your blogs. You make it sound so easy.

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There is plenty of information available on the use of punctuation for prose, but have been trying desperately to find the use of punctuation for poetry and not been able to find this. Can you help? How much creative liberty is allowed for punctuation marks in poetry? Can poetry end with ellipsis be used at the end of each thought and sentence in poetry to connect the next sentence.

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But how often? Is it grammatically correct or incorrect? Does every sentence in verse have to begin with a capital letter, even though the next thought is connected and ends with a comma or a semicolon? In poetry, there is a ton of room for creativity. I tend toward minimalism with regard to punctuation in poems — I want each punctuation mark to really mean something; otherwise, it gets cut.

My best suggestion for you is to pick up a book that will teach you punctuation in general. I use the big one — Chicago Manual of Style. But what you really need to do is read published poetry. Get a few books of poems by well known poets, pick up a few poetry journals. Online, I strongly recommend subscribing to Rattle. I love this! I just read a book that seems to need some help. I love the story line, I just find it difficult to get past some of the things the writer does.

This is a series, so you can only imagine the punctuation mistakes. My question to you is, what is the correct way for this author to get her point across. Here we have an author using the period to indicate a full stop in speech. I would feel better about this construction if the words were capitalized and if it only occurred rarely in the writing. What is a good way to use ellipses or some other punctuation mark to indicate a prompt-and-answer in an interview? Interviewer : If I had a billion dollars I would Interviewee : Give the money to my wife and get back to work.

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Is the following layout ok for the 10th such question-and-answer? If I had a billion dollars I would. Give the money to my wife and get back to work. Interviewer: What would you do if you had a billion dollars? Interviewee: I would give the money to my wife and get back to work. Keep in mind, though, that ellipsis, like exclamation points, should be used with caution and only when truly needed for emphasis. Would you clarify your usage for me?

I believe I should have put a space after the last comma before the ellipsis in each sentence. I have a question about how ellipsis are written or key stroked. Is it correct to have the ellipsis begin immediately after the L in equal and end immediately before the S in some? Hello Melissa, this was a great article. XD is used. Then I was critiquing on the critiquecircle page and there was one writer who was very fond of using this structure. And while learning more about ellipsis I stumbled here.

Loads of thanks! Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Punctuation marks: the ellipses…. Kelvin Kao on December 9, at am. Melissa Donovan on December 13, at pm. Helen on December 11, at pm. Position the reference: "here" Or "here" 1. If the page reference follows an ellipsis, position the period after the in-line citation: Thus, "the end Treat dialogue quoted from one character like prose, but be sure to provide the character's name in your text prior to the quotation.

Ellipsis Journal - Issue 01:A

Such a quotation need not be set off from the text unless it runs to more than five lines. On the other hand, dialogue involving two or more characters always should be extracted, no matter how long quotation runs. Extracted quotations of dialogue from two or more characters should use hanging indents, with each name in small caps, then a colon, a single space, and then dialogue, running prose to the right-hand margin. Anyone else who would be speaking would start from this same place as well. Note that the in-line documentation for extracted quotation is positioned flush-right and is put into square brackets rather than parentheses.

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