Our Lady of Pain

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Our Lady of Pain

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CNPJ: Frequently Asked Questions. As the monochromatic images of the naked and bound Rachel kneeling in the snow keep flashing through Mark's memory, he becomes certain that she couldn't have been killed by a stranger, the way her body was tied up, almost ritualistically and requiring careful preparation. Then there is the strange poem by Charles Swinburne found on Rachel's body, with its hints of masochism, flagellation and paganism.

Whatever the killer meant by the poem, the murder was clearly premeditated. When the three-year-old murder of Catherine Watson, a university professor who coincidently taught Swinburne, is linked to Rachel's death, the Barnes Murder Squad become certain that a serial killer is on the loose.


As with Rachel, the killer seems to have taken his time and tortured Catherine over a period of several hours. Like Rachel, she also had a mystery caller the night before she died, indicating that both women knew their killer. As this compelling page-turner races forwards, Tartaglia and the rest of the team are torn between needing to know the terrible secrets of Rachel's sexual life and the realization that she had increasingly manipulated those around her.

Her world was a fragile house of cards, the games she insisted on playing threatening to devastate and bring down her friends and colleagues. As with Forbes' debut novel, Die With Me , this latest Tartaglia installment plays out in a bleak and wintry London, chapter upon chapter building a foreboding, almost gothic atmosphere.

Writing in a muscular and fast-paced prose style, Forbes pens a compelling drama that comes at us from every angle: from the disaffections and insecurities of detectives who betray their positions of authority to the various suspects and acquaintances of Rachel - and Catherine - who gradually line up, all desperate to provide an alibi. In the end, treachery comes from one of the most unexpected places, and poor vulnerable Sam finds herself yet again the victim, walking straight into the lion's den of misplaced passion and obsession in the novel's shocking and unexpectedly devastating finale.

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