Positive Self Talk: A Guide On How To Be Positive And Fulfilled In Your Life

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7 Keys to Becoming a Positive Person

Published on March 4th, by Jaime Kulaga. Words become especially painful when the hurtful words about us, come from us. Sticks and stones will break your bones, but negative self-talk will destroy you. Here are the top three tools for better self-talk. Despite popular belief, laundry does not HAVE to get done on the weekends.

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Weekend is a compound word. Your week has ended. Perfection is subjective.

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If you spend your life trying to be perfect for someone else, you may find you are never perfect, for you. By striving for perfection, your mind and body will go one of two ways:. Instead of perfectionism, work toward self-actualization. Self-actualization means to develop your full potential. It is through striving for self-actualization that you will find life, mind and body fulfillment.

How to Boost Your Self-Confidence With Positive Self-Talk

Neither do I. Negative self-talk can make it harder to bounce back from life events by inhibiting you from accepting what has happened. In advance of experiencing adversity, when you use self-talk that promotes optimism and self-confidence it becomes easier to maintain a positive perspective. When you repeatedly use encouraging self-talk, you build self-confidence and a strong self-image that lessens the impact of peer pressure, loss, verbally abusive people, and other adverse circumstances from events.

Instead, employ conscious self-talk that lessens its emotional impact, inspires action, enhances creativity, builds optimism, and supports a healthy self-image. I will deal with it and move on. You can accomplish this by becoming acutely aware of your self-talk. Make it a point to be aware of what you are thinking and saying about yourself so that you can determine whether its current trend is positive or negative, fearful or hopeful, and most important, whether it reinforces a positive self-image and supports your goals and intentions.

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Being conscious of the path of your self-talk gives you the mental agility to change its direction when it falls short of supporting you. For example, when you encounter misfortune, self-talk emphasizing your aptitude for finding yourself in sticky situations, falls a bit short of being supportive.

Humorous remarks about you and your failings are just as destructive, because humor only masks what you truly believe to be true about yourself. Recognizing when your self-talk is in a downward spiral is absolutely essential. If it is, you need to ask yourself if it is inhibiting your ability to navigate events when you experience adversity.

How to Boost Your Self-Confidence With Positive Self-Talk

Your answer will ignite a dialogue of self-talk that guides you through what has happened. You can aid this process by transforming repetitive victim self-talk into self-talk that encourages and supports recovery, as in I can get over this or I am a survivor. Transforming the path of your self-talk requires awareness, desire, and a conscious effort, and the results are worth your commitment.

epemintrop.tk Another way that you can use self-talk to overcome adversity is by designing a series of positive statements to draw upon the moment you experience adversity in order to reignite your energy, passion, and purpose. These statements could be as basic as I can do this or I can overcome any obstacle.

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Repeated over and over again, statements like these are a very powerful influence and represent a conscious way of supporting yourself in the face of even the most devastating of events. Self-talk provides you with a way of turning misery into something positive through the use of self-actualization. When events seek to get the best of you, this linguistic transformation fosters self-confidence, fortifies your resolve, and limits damage to your attitude, feelings and emotions.