The First Eighteen Days (The Therian Tapes Book 1)

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He peered at him. I promise. Dex waggled his eyebrows. All the fun stuff is in my suitcase. Sloane opened his mouth then closed it. Sloane dropped back down onto his side of the bed then pulled Dex close. He kissed his goofy husband and covered them with the duvet.

The Calcard

You should get some sleep. Dex stared at him.

You can go to sleep. I know you can. Is it a sixth sense?

Lemur Social Systems and Their Ecological Basis

Can you sense it? Your jaguar keeps sensing all kinds of weird shit lately. Sloane closed his eyes and smiled as Dex cuddled close. I have set all the alarms. In a few hours, they would be in Florida. Maybe they work on a case and during a raid they find a little 5 year old bratty Therian Jaguar girl, whose needs looking after till her family can be found. Dex noticed Sloane had something hidden behind his back as he walked over to Solange.

It had floppy arms and legs, a big brown nose, and the biggest, craziest mane Dex had ever seen. She got her little arms wrapped around it, and hugged the stuffing out of it.

Okay, maybe he was being a little dramatic, but still. The room plunged into silence, everyone staring at Solange.

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We were here the whole time, and we were singing a fun song. Do you want to hear it? Two words in and Dex was on the floor in a fit of laughter. Sloane laughed softly. Dex froze. He sat up, and gaped at Sloane. Sloane stood, and held a hand out to Dex, helping him to his feet. He made sure to stand where he could keep an eye on Solange. I figured she managed to sneak away. Dex narrowed his eyes. Hiding in plain sight. Of course she was.

Man, he felt like an idiot. He not only lived with a jaguar Therian, he was mated to one. They were experts at hiding so they could pounce. Dex nodded his agreement. That sneaky sneak. Solange stood beside him tugging at one of his pockets. It was my fault.

(and some other stuff)

Sloane nodded then gave them each a pointed look. You really worried Dex. How would your mommy and daddy feel if something happened to you? Her bottom lip jutted out in a miserable pout. Solange arched a perfect little eyebrow at Dex. He was being judged by a five-year-old.

Never steal cookies from a wolf Therian. They are very serious about their food. Especially cookies. Sloane pulled him close, and kissed his temple. But next time, call me, huh? Really, Dex should have known better. I just kind of freaked out a little. That happens when your blood sugar is low.

Then you crash. So how about I stay with Solange while you get yourself something from the canteen. Sloane shrugged, his smile dazzling. She was a good kid. Ash on the other hand….

As it turned out. A British kids TV show lion. Growly was a lion Therian who in his Human form wore a giant crazy mane and was super grumpy which the kids found hysterical. Who would have known that within their ranks they had their own Growly the Grumpy Lion. And, oh, he was very grumpy right now. Ash sat in the middle of circle of kids, arms crossed over his expansive chest, big fluffy mane with little lion ears over his head.

I live in Leeds apparently. Ash sighed, and when he spoke, Dex just knew he was imitating Hudson. If Hudson were a grumpy ass lion Therian pretending to be a British wolf Therian. I drink tea, and eat cookies, but I call them biscuits because I like to be difficult. The kids all laughed their little faces off and Hudson frowned.

Hudson narrowed his eyes at Dex. Sloane stepped up beside Dex, and wrapped an arm around him, pulling him close.

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How did you get all the parents to let their kids come? He was so smitten as he watched his boyfriend. Just saying. Dex chuckled. He lifted her up and she sneezed. Dex hugged Cael then turned to Sloane and kissed him. Just another day at the office for Destructive Delta.

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The answer was very good. Dex had less trouble hunting down wanted criminals than he did finding this kid. He casually strolled through the bullpen, paperwork in his hands so as not to look suspicious. Nonchalantly, he began checking under desks. She had to be somewhere around here.