The Slippery Adventures of Margie Reen

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Members were asked to sign up if they wanted to attend. A New Members evening has been planned for 7. This will be a great opportunity for new members to get to know one another plus other members of Fulshaw WI. There will be some light-hearted games followed by a meat and cheese platter supper. She then went onto to explain the different women's groups and illustrated them with tales of named individuals.

ATS Auxiliary Territorial Service was the women's branch of the British Army and Princess Elizabeth served in this group who amongst other roles, worked on anti-aircraft artillery and the role of women increased as the war progressed. WRNS or Wrens as they were known was the women's branch of the Royal Navy and they worked on a variety of jobs including cooks, radar plotters and air mechanics. It is estimated they helped 10, people per night for 57 consecutive nights of the London Blitz. The Women's Land Army and the associated Women's Timber Corp, were set up to help with agriculture and carried out jobs such as driving tractors, growing crops, animal welfare and anti-vermin squads.

Unlike their country colleagues, this type of work came as a great shock to many city girls who had never been involved with working with the land before. Another area that women were heavily involved with was working in the munitions factories.

Monthly Meeting Records

This often involved long hours and dangerous work. Working with cordite led to yellowing of the skin and hair, hence the nickname 'canary girls'. After the war, many women went back to their old jobs and way of life but had experienced things they would never would have without the war. Ruth rounded off her talk by helping ladies achieve the working women's 'look' by wearing scarves on their heads and bright red lipstick. Jane reminded everyone that if they wanted to bring a visitor with them to a meeting, they should email Wendy to ask her.

Members were asked to tell Wendy if they did not want their photograph used on the website. Notice was given that we would be arranging a visit down the Alderley Edge mines later in the summer — suggested by Julie Petho. Volunteers are very welcome to help and to talk to the dementia sufferers and their carers.

Just turn up at 2. Pauline lives at 2 Arlington Way and invited gardeners to knock on the door if they need water or they have forgotten some tools! Helen Battilana will take collection of the cakes in Wilmslow - Address, dates and times to be confirmed. They meet on the first Wednesday of the month and the following Saturday if anyone is interested in joining them or just to help on the day.


Amanda asked members to look at their website to find out the details of where and when they meet up. Volunteers are very welcome! Dee provided us with a sheet of paper with various sized circles of petals outlined and a piece of pink rice paper potato paper in our case.

Performance Permutations

Dee showed us very expertly how to cut out the 6 rounds of petals using the patterns provided. The rounds of petals were then pressed into gently undulating petal shapes by us pressing wet fingers into the centre and into each petal. We then had to overlay 6 rounds of petals and stick them together with a dab of water. This is where the fun started as over-wet rice paper sticks to everything — itself, us, the table, other petals and we were dexterously challenged to actually assemble a credible flower with stamens in the middle!

Where were the bees we wondered as some of the flowers made were brilliant!! Never as good as Dee's of course but we loved trying! Amanda gave the vote of thanks to Dee for a really enjoyable, entertaining, craft evening. Wendy pointed out the fire exits and safety notices.

Library Talk: Marg and Alex came along from Wilmslow Library to promote library services in the area. They itemised all the many services offered by the library, many of which people are not fully aware of:- 1.

All reservation for the WI will be free in February if this talk is mentioned. Self-help books on many topics: such as teenage mental health which can be taken out anonymously. Resources for dementia sufferers: memory boxes, reminiscence packs, themed music, items on Cheshire at war. All these and more are to stimulate memory and discussion. A long list of titles is available. Volunteers: anyone can volunteer to help e.

Family history research: huge library resources and free tuition is available for 1h and work packs available on ancestor searching methods. Everything else! Including books, DVDs, online resources and music. Notices: New members and visitors were welcomed by Wendy.

A year around the world…

She explained that after this evening she would know how many more spaces are available for people on the waiting list. Denise was passionate that the arts are just as important as any other subject in the curriculum for young people. People of any age need to have their creativity channelled to help them realise their full potential.

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  • Surrender to Temptation Part III: Tempted to Obey.
  • Neoliberalism and Global Theatres.

Denise then led the packed room of WI members in a most enjoyable evening of rhythm, harmony and pitch, with singing of course! We started by clapping in rounds of four rhythms, making us concentrate hard. Denise has an electric personality and boundless energy and humour so that 45 minutes on a dreary January evening sped by and everyone enjoyed themselves hugely! Amanda gave Denise an extremely warm vote of thanks and we all showed our appreciation in a very loud round of applause!

Notices More spaces are available on the Kwik fit course on 18th January at 6. Just turn up to help on a Monday afternoon at 2.

  • Vauxhall Gardens: Dunedins Notorious Victorian Pleasure Gardens?
  • See a Problem?.
  • Worshiping with Charles Darwin!

Wendy will promote the charity next year to other local WIs. Pat Parker stood up to thanked members for their generosity for the Lalley Toy Appeal.


Her family had been a recipient this year - as her daughter in law had a bad accident - following on from one of the members putting her name forward. A concert is being held on the 10th February. Sarah Kennon will be offering craft classes to members at half price to teach lampshade making.

Thomas and the big slippery adventure (Thomas and Friends)

Wendy encouraged more members to write a word article or poem about their life since they joined the WI. The deadline is the February meeting. Members can report to Merton Park in Handforth next Saturday if they would like a free demonstration on pruning fruit trees. The raffle was drawn and the meeting ended at The members were seated by 8.

Wendy welcomed the members. Bollywood Party and the Meal: 66 members attended the annual Christmas party and were seated at 9 tables. Ladies brought their Secret Santa presents and enjoyed a glass of mulled wine on arrival. The main hall was beautifully decorated with a colourful theme to complement the Bollywood evening thanks to Lorna, Gail and Cathy. The side room tables were covered in red banquet paper and a cyclamen plant for each table.

Water and wine red and white were on the tables as well as pre meal snacks:- Bombay mix, bread sticks and mango chutney. Ria, the Bollywood dance instructress, arrived at 7. We all lined up and followed her instructions in short sequences that she cleverly built up until, after 40 minutes, we could do a respectable complete dance sequence to music. We all had excellent fun and felt very pleased with ourselves!! Ria then gave us a wonderful dance demonstration to Bollywood music of about 6 dances in quick succession.

She is a very talented artist who has her own dance troupe and we were lucky that she was available to work with us and show us her amazing dance sequences. We warmly applauded her dancing! Dee prepared three curries for us — chick pea, chicken and vegetable - served with Naan and rice. This was followed by a range of shop bought puddings.

The whole meal was absolutely delicious. Wendy gave us three pages of quizzes to do during the meal general knowledge, chocolates, and brand names. These were very varied and very enjoyable for a quiz!!