The Storyteller, Volume Five

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The Rewards of Shabbos. Everyone who knew Shmuel knew that he had come by his wealth only recently and that at one time he had been a very poor man indeed. But the change in his status from poor man to successful jeweler hadn't changed him one bit. He always knew that it was Hashem Who deter- mines who is to succeed and become rich and who, G-d forbid, the opposite.

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He was also certain that, since Hashem is all-good, everything which happens to a per- son is for the person's benefit and is good. Shmuel's deep faith became even more obvious through the following story. The meal was suddenly interrupted by the maid's announcement that the governor's envoy was here on an urgent matter.

Shmuel instructed the maid to show the messenger into his private study.

Soon after, Shmuel came into the study and greeted the envoy, and the envoy in turn apologized for disturbing his Shabbos rest but ex- plained that the matter was most urgent. His master, he relayed, had invited some very prominent guests, each of whom he wishes to present with a gift of gold or silver. Price is not an ob- ject, and besides, since he knows you to be a man of in- tegrity, he trusts that you will deal fairly with him.

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On Shabbos I keep my business closed and I cannot so much as take an order. But as soon as Shabbos is over, I will gladly do my best to fill the order. The messenger put the list back in his pocket and thought to himself that his master will surely be dis- pleased. Shmuel returned to the Shabbos table and reassured everyone that all was in order.

The Storyteller's Companion to the Bible Volume 5 Old Testament Wisdom

Shmuel conducted the meal in a leisurely manner, as he did each Friday night. His inner calm helped to ease everyone's unrest. Soon after the Grace After Meals, the maid came in again and announced that the gover- nor's envoy had returned. Once again, in his composed manner, Shmuel arose from the table and politely greeted the messenger who was waiting in his study. He handed him another letter from the governor, this time written in a more severe tone, in which the governor reminded Shmuel of the years during which he had been his good customer and of the many profitable contacts he had made for him. He excuses himself again for disturbing his Shabbos rest and he will therefore not discuss price and like. But since it was most urgent that he have the items, he will send his representative who will do all the necessary work himself without having to disturb Shmuel.

On the other hand, he warned, if he does not co- operate, he will not only lose the business of the governor and his fee, but he will also have to face more serious consequences After reading the letter, Shmuel said to the messen- ger: "Please convey to his Excellency that my answer re- mains as before.

With all due re- spect and devotion to my governor, my loyalty to Hashem comes above all else.

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In this book, Roberto has created a unique approach that anyone can learn to implement. As the photographer, you are both the director and the documentarian of that story. With Wedding Storyteller, Volume 1, by your side, you finally have a book that teaches you the skills you need to learn in order to create amazing images and craft masterful stories filled with beauty, emotion, and meaning.

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