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Trump and the administration repeatedly promised -- particularly leading up to the midterm election -- to protect people with less-than-perfect medical histories. But this shift in the Justice Department's stance doubles down on stripping away all the protections that were a hallmark of the landmark heath reform law. The administration's move didn't only startle supporters of the law.

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One former official who worked under Sessions told CNN Monday night that he, too, was surprised by the new position. Because the case is before one of the most conservative appellate courts in the country, it almost guarantees that the issue will return to the newly solidified conservative Supreme Court at some point. President Barack Obama's former solicitor general, Donald Verrilli -- who once defended the law before the Supreme Court -- is now defending the law on behalf of the Democratic-led House.

Overturning the law would have far-reaching consequences -- way beyond disrupting coverage for the millions of people who get their health insurance on the exchanges or through Medicaid expansion. Obamacare saves senior citizens money on their Medicare coverage and prescription drugs.

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It lets many Americans obtain free birth control, mammograms and cholesterol tests. And it allows children to stay on their parents' health insurance plans until they turn And, even the Trump administration is using the landmark health reform law to try to lower prescription drug prices.

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The Trump administration would not defend the law in court so a coalition of 21 Democratic states led by California stepped in. It threatens the healthcare of tens of millions of Americans across the country -- from California to Kentucky and all the way to Maine," said California Attorney General Xavier Becerra in a statement.

Because no American should fear losing healthcare, we will defend the ACA every step of the way. The inside story of how John Roberts negotiated to save Obamacare. But I feel a sense of anger and responsibility.

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He is the same person who procrastinated studying for tests, fell in love with his future wife while in line for the bathroom at a party and slept on a mattress on the floor in a small apartment years after he could have afforded much more. He controls three core communications platforms — Facebook , Instagram and WhatsApp — that billions of people use every day. He sets the rules for how to distinguish violent and incendiary speech from the merely offensive, and he can choose to shut down a competitor by acquiring, blocking or copying it.

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Mark is a good, kind person. The government must hold Mark accountable. Instead the legislators who questioned him were derided as too old and out of touch to understand how tech works. We are a nation with a tradition of reining in monopolies, no matter how well intentioned the leaders of these companies may be.

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We already have the tools we need to check the domination of Facebook. We just seem to have forgotten about them. America was built on the idea that power should not be concentrated in any one person, because we are all fallible. Jefferson and Madison were voracious readers of Adam Smith, who believed that monopolies prevent the competition that spurs innovation and leads to economic growth. If we would not submit to an emperor, we should not submit to an autocrat of trade with power to prevent competition and to fix the price of any commodity.

More legislation followed in the 20th century, creating legal and regulatory structures to promote competition and hold the biggest companies accountable. Starting in the s, a small but dedicated group of economists, lawyers and policymakers sowed the seeds of our cynicism. Over the next 40 years, they financed a network of think tanks, journals, social clubs, academic centers and media outlets to teach an emerging generation that private interests should take precedence over public ones. By the mids, they had largely managed to relegate energetic antitrust enforcement to the history books.

This shift, combined with business-friendly tax and regulatory policy, ushered in a period of mergers and acquisitions that created megacorporations.

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In the past 20 years, more than 75 percent of American industries, from airlines to pharmaceuticals, have experienced increased concentration , and the average size of public companies has tripled. The results are a decline in entrepreneurship , stalled productivity growth , and higher prices and fewer choices for consumers. The same thing is happening in social media and digital communications. Because Facebook so dominates social networking, it faces no market-based accountability.

This means that every time Facebook messes up, we repeat an exhausting pattern: first outrage, then disappointment and, finally, resignation. The overhead lights were off, and a group of us were pecking away on our keyboards, our year-old faces half-illuminated by the glow of our screens.

My eyes widened. Facebook was competing with Myspace, albeit obliquely. We were focused on college students at that point, but we had real identities while Myspace had fictions. Our users were more engaged, visiting daily, if not hourly. We believed Facebook surpassed Myspace in quality and would easily displace it given enough time and money. Back then, we competed with a whole host of social networks, not just Myspace, but also Friendster, Twitter, Tumblr, LiveJournal and others. The pressure to beat them spurred innovation and led to many of the features that distinguish Facebook: simple, beautiful interfaces, the News Feed, a tie to real-world identities and more.

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It was this drive to compete that led Mark to acquire, over the years, dozens of other companies, including Instagram and WhatsApp in and There was nothing unethical or suspicious, in my view, in these moves. One night during the summer of the Myspace sale, I remember driving home from work with Mark, back to the house we shared with several engineers and designers.

I was in the passenger seat of the Infiniti S. As we turned right off Valparaiso Avenue, Mark confessed the immense pressure he felt. Facebook had gone from a project developed in our dorm room and chaotic summer houses to a serious company with lawyers and a human resources department. We had around 50 employees, and their families relied on Facebook to put food on the table.

arrilocapot.cf Over a decade later, Facebook has earned the prize of domination. It is a powerful monopoly, eclipsing all of its rivals and erasing competition from the social networking category. About 70 percent of American adults use social media, and a vast majority are on Facebook products. Over two-thirds use the core site, a third use Instagram, and a fifth use WhatsApp.

By contrast, fewer than a third report using Pinterest, LinkedIn or Snapchat. What started out as lighthearted entertainment has become the primary way that people of all ages communicate online. According to the Pew Research Center , a quarter deleted their accounts from their phones, but many did so only temporarily.

After all, where would they go? Facebook largely ignored the decree. The F. Mark responded by buying them, and the F. Neither Instagram nor WhatsApp had any meaningful revenue, but both were incredibly popular. The Instagram acquisition guaranteed Facebook would preserve its dominance in photo networking, and WhatsApp gave it a new entry into mobile real-time messaging. Now, the founders of Instagram and WhatsApp have left the company after clashing with Mark over his management of their platforms.

The News Feed algorithm reportedly prioritized videos created through Facebook over videos from competitors, like YouTube and Vimeo. In , Twitter introduced a video network called Vine that featured six-second videos. That same day, Facebook blocked Vine from hosting a tool that let its users search for their Facebook friends while on the new network. The decision hobbled Vine, which shut down four years later. Snapchat posed a different threat. So Facebook simply copied it. It is intended for fun only so do not treat the result too seriously :.

Do not think about the answers too long.

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If you think you answered incorrectly, you can always go back to any question and change your answer. Why should you leave what you wear up to chance? Instead, use this handy, dandy quiz to determine the perfect ensemble for your body type and your daily activities. All Rights Reserved. Toggle navigation.

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